Base material MDF/HDF/plywood
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        1Quality assurance

        Quality is the cornerstone of our manufacturing process. We are committed to delivering products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Our stringent quality control measures, combined with our use of premium materials, ensure that every board leaving our factory is of the highest standard.
      • Extensive Range of Options

        2Extensive Range of Options

        We understand that different customers have different needs. That's why we offer an extensive range of options, including various sizes, formats, and customizations. Our goal is to provide you with a melamine dry erase board that perfectly suits your requirements, no matter how unique they may be.
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        3Best service

        Quality & Innovation. Keep innovating for a good chalkboard. Any question about our chalkboard products we will answer it in detail. Every customer is our friend.

        1OUR FACTORY

        We are melamine manufacturer. We have our own factory in China, Guangdong Province,. We own the production workshop with over 3000㎡and more than 100 workers. You can design your own writting surface with us.
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        We have research and development of production. Exquisite workmanship. The r&d team keeps innovating products. We can help you design your own backpack. Wholesale backpacks&accept custom backpack service.


      Melamine dry erase board ,beyond writing surface
      Welcome to Yueshan's extensive selection of high-quality melamine dry erase boards for office, classroom, and home use. As a leading laminate manufacturer since 1993, we offer affordable and durable melamine whiteboards to suit every need and budget. Yueshan's melamine boards enhance workflow and collaboration. Our glare-free surfaces create the ideal space for meetings, lessons, trainings, and working through complex problems. Read on to learn how our innovative boards can optimize your productivity. Exceptional Melamine Board Quality We meticulously craft each melamine board using quality materials and expert techniques. Key advantages include: Long-lasting low maintenance surfaces that resist staining and ghosting Framed and unframed models to suit any space's needs Magnetic and non-magnetic options available Custom sizes and colors to match your brand Our melamine boards outperform cheaper alternatives. The durable surfaces withstand daily writing and cleaning while maintaining a pristine look. Smart Melamine Board Solutions Yueshan offers melamine boards with features to enhance functionality: Wall-mounted and movable boards for versatile use Lined boards for note taking and drafting Gridded mats ideal for plotting charts or game boards Non-magnetic boards when magnetic interference is a concern Browse our full product selection to find the ideal melamine board for your office, classroom, or home. FAQ on Yueshan Melamine Boards New to melamine boards? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions: Are your boards magnetic? Select melamine boards contain a magnetic backing. Check specs of individual models to confirm. What sizes are available? We offer over 50 sizes from small tabletop boards to large 8ft x 4ft boards. Custom sizes also available. What surface material do you use? Our boards feature a durable melamine resin surface laminated onto a magnetic or non-magnetic backing. See our FAQ page for more melamine board answers. Get Your Perfect Melamine Dry Erase Board Yueshan offers an extensive selection of melamine boards ideal for any environment. Browse our models featuring: Magnetic and non-magnetic options Lined, gridded, and plain styles Framed and unframed designs Common and custom sizes We provide melamine boards trusted by small businesses, major corporations, schools, hospitals, and more worldwide. Our affordable prices and high quality make Yueshan boards an easy choice. Transform your workspace productivity with a tailored melamine board solution from the experts at Yueshan. Browse our full selection and contact us with any questions!

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