Melamine Whiteboards: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Using Yueshan’s Premium Dry Erase Boards
Melamine Whiteboards: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Using Yueshan’s Premium Dry Erase Boards

Melamine Whiteboards: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Using Yueshan’s Premium Dry Erase Boards

Welcome to the definitive guide on Yueshan's high quality melamine whiteboards - the ideal dry erase boards for office, classroom, and home use. As a leading manufacturer since 1993, we offer the most durable, affordable, and customizable melamine boards on the market.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn:

  • Melamine board benefits over other materials
  • How to choose the right size, style, and features
  • Top tips for using and caring for your board
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Our top melamine whiteboard recommendations

Let's start by looking at why melamine is the best material for dry erase boards.

Why Choose a Melamine Whiteboard?

Yueshan uses a premium grade melamine resin laminate for the surface of our whiteboards. This provides key advantages over materials like glass and porcelain:

  • Budget-friendly - Melamine is more affordable than glass or steel
  • Lightweight - Easy to mount and move vs heavy glass boards
  • Durable - Harder to crack or shatter vs glass
  • Writable surface - Toothier than slick glass allows better marker grip
  • Low-maintenance - Resists staining better than porous steel

Melamine boards stand up to daily use and cleaning without wearing down over time. The scratch-resistant low-glare surface remains clear of ghosting and shadows. Unlike plain painted wall boards, the rigid melamine panel retains its shape.

Yueshan fuses the melamine layer to magnetic and non-magnetic backing boards. This creates firm, lightweight whiteboards easy to mount in any workspace.

Next let's look at how to pick the perfect melamine whiteboard for your needs.

Key Factors When Choosing a Melamine Dry Erase Board

Consider the following key criteria when selecting your Yueshan melamine whiteboard:


Melamine boards come in a huge range of dimensions from small tabletop models to large wall-mounted boards up to 8ft x 4ft.

  • Measure your space to determine the maximum size that will fit
  • Larger boards are ideal for offices and meetings
  • Smaller boards work well for home use and portable applications

If uncertain, a 3' x 2' or 4' x 3' melamine whiteboard is a versatile starting size.

Frame Style

Yueshan boards come framed or unframed:

  • Framed - Sleek aluminum frame finishes the board professionally
  • Unframed - Frameless melamine panel mounts directly to wall

Frameless boards have modern simplicity. Framed boards are more durable for high use settings.

Magnetic or Non-Magnetic

  • Magnetic - Boards with a magnetic steel backing make magnets stick
  • Non-magnetic - Useful where magnetic interference is a concern

If using magnet accessories, ensure your melamine board has magnetic properties.


Optional accessories enhance a melamine board's convenience and functionality:

  • Marker trays - Keep pens organized and easily accessible
  • Erasers - Felt erasers clean the board without scratches
  • Mounting kits - Provide hardware for secure wall mounting

With criteria covered, let's look at top melamine board recommendations.

Shop Top Rated Yueshan Melamine Whiteboards

After 25+ years perfecting our boards, these Yueshan models deliver the ideal melamine writing experience:

Best Seller - Yueshan 4' x 3' Framed Magnetic Whiteboard

Our top-selling melamine board features a wide 4ft width, magnetic backing, and sleek anodized aluminum frame.


  • 4' x 3' size
  • 0.3" melamine surface
  • Magnetic
  • Aluminum frame
  • 5 year warranty


  • Generous size for meetings and lessons
  • Magnetic for added functionality
  • Durable framing and melamine last years

Shop Best Seller Whiteboard

Most Budget Friendly - Yueshan 3' x 2' Unframed Whiteboard

This frameless melamine board provides Yueshan quality at our lowest price point. Easy direct wall mounting.


  • 3' x 2' size
  • 0.2” melamine surface
  • Unframed
  • Non-magnetic
  • 1 year warranty


  • Great low price for quality
  • Perfect for home or personal use
  • Lightweight for easy mounting

Shop Most Budget Friendly Board

Best Customization - Yueshan Framed Magnetic Melamine Board

Fully customize size, color, accessories, and more. Add logos for branded boards.


  • Custom sizing
  • Choice of melamine color
  • Optional logo printing
  • Accessories available
  • 2 year warranty


  • Tailor completely to your needs
  • Match company or school branding
  • Affordable custom dry erase boards

Request Quote on Custom Board

Shop all our boards in the Yueshan melamine whiteboard collection. Next let's go over using and caring for your board.

Using and Maintaining Your Melamine Whiteboard

Once installed, a melamine whiteboard is easy to use and keep looking new:

Choose Suitable Dry Erase Markers

Pick markers formulated for whiteboard use, as regular markers can stain. Store caps securely to prevent tips drying out.

Erase Completely After Each Use

Always wipe the board fully clean after each use. Built up dry erase ink residues can stain over time.

Clean the Surface Regularly

Wipe down monthly using a microfiber cloth and whiteboard cleaning spray to remove dust and residue.

Check Wall Mounting

If wall mounted, verify mounting hardware is secure every 6-12 months. Tighten or adjust if needed.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners and Abrasives

Use only whiteboard specific felt erasers and cleaners. Avoid acidic or petroleum cleaners.

With the right melamine whiteboard and careful use, your Yueshan board will optimize any workspace for years. Next let's answer some common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Melamine Whiteboards

Here are answers to some of the most often asked questions about melamine dry erase boards:

Are melamine whiteboards magnetic?

  • Some melamine boards come with an added steel backing to make them magnetic. Check specs of individual boards to confirm if magnetic properties are included.

How long do melamine boards last?

  • Yueshan's melamine boards are designed to endure over 5 years of regular daily use with proper care and cleaning. Quality melamine lasts far longer than cheaper boards.

Can melamine boards be mounted on any wall?

  • Melamine boards can be mounted on most standard drywall, brick, concrete or wood walls. Very uneven surfaces may require wall preparation.

Are melamine and laminate the same?

  • Melamine board refers to the melamine resin coating fused to the substrate. Laminate boards sandwich melamine between materials like MDF.

What colors are available?

  • Most of our melamine boards come in standard white. Custom boards can be produced in colors like black, green, gray, blue and more.

Still have questions? Browse our full melamine whiteboard FAQ or contact us!

Why Choose Yueshan Melamine Whiteboards?

Yueshan delivers unbeatable quality, value, and selection when it comes to melamine dry erase boards. Our boards outperform competing economy boards that degrade quickly.

Built to endure heavy classroom demands and frequent office use, Yueshan melamine provides a flawless writing surface for years. Our boards ship globally direct from the factory at wholesale prices.

We offer fully customizable melamine boards that can be tailored to your exact specifications. For a high quality board matched to your needs, choose the melamine experts at Yueshan.

Shop the full selection of Yueshan original melamine whiteboards available in framed, unframed, magnetic, non-magnetic, standard and custom sizes. We know you’ll love writing on the smooth, vivid surface of Yueshan melamine for years to come. Contact us today to get your perfect board!

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