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Black Melamine Writing Board: A Comprehensive Guide

Views:  Update Date: Aug 23,2023

 Black Melamine Writing Board: A Comprehensive Guide

Black melamine writing boards have become a popular choice for offices, classrooms, and homes due to their durability, ease of use, and affordability compared to traditional chalkboards or whiteboards. This versatile material offers a smooth, stain-resistant surface that allows for effortless writing and cleaning. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about black melamine boards from types and sizes to care and maintenance.

H2: What is a Black Melamine Writing Board?

A black melamine writing board, also sometimes called a melamine dry erase board, refers to a writing surface made out of melamine resin laminate in a black color. Melamine is a versatile material that can be manufactured as a smooth, hard plastic. When coated onto a substrate it creates an extremely durable surface that can be written on with dry erase markers.

The main advantage of melamine over materials like porcelain or glass is its resistance to scratches, stains, and dents. High quality melamine writing boards provide a similar writable surface as more expensive glass dry erase boards. Melamine tends to be lighter in weight as well.

The main downside is that melamine lacks the more elegant, upscale aesthetic of glass. It also requires a bit more care when cleaning to prevent permanent marker stains. However, with proper use melamine writing boards can last for many years while maintaining excellent erasability.

H2: Types of Black Melamine Writing Boards

Melamine writing boards come in a variety of types, sizes, and configuration options. Here are some of the key variations to consider when selecting a black melamine board:

Framed vs Frameless

Framed melamine boards feature an aluminum, wood, or plastic frame surrounding the writing surface. This gives the board a more finished, professional look. Frameless boards simply have the melamine laminated onto a substrate like MDF or particle board. Frameless boards tend to be more affordable.

Magnetic vs Non-Magnetic

Magnetic melamine boards have a steel backing that allows magnets to stick to the surface. This allows them to double as bulletin boards. The magnetic backing does add weight however. Non-magnetic melamine boards are lighter in weight.

Standard Sizes

Common sizes for melamine boards include 3x2 feet, 4x3 feet, and 4x4 feet. Large boards may come in 4x6, 4x8, or even larger dimensions. Smaller 12x16 inch boards are also available. Consider the space you need to fill when selecting size.


Melamine board thickness is typically 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch. Thinner boards are lighter in weight and tend to be less expensive. Thicker boards are more durable and rigid.

H2: Uses for Black Melamine Writing Boards

The smooth, writable surface makes melamine boards ideal for a variety of contexts:

Office and Meeting Rooms

Melamine writing boards are commonly used in office conference rooms, brainstorming rooms, training centers, and more. They provide space to diagram ideas during meetings. Some offices will use them to track project timelines or display important notices.

Classrooms and Schools

Schools often utilize melamine boards in classrooms and hallways. Teachers can write schedules, lessons, and notes on the boards. The erasable surface makes them ideal for educational settings.

Home Offices

Those working from home often enjoy installing a melamine board in their home office. It provides a space to jot down notes and reminders throughout the day. They are also great for keeping shared family calendars and schedules.


People will sometimes place small melamine boards in the kitchen for posting weekly menus, recipes, calendars, and leaving messages among family members. The wipeable surface is convenient in the kitchen environment.

H2: Advantages of Black Melamine Writing Boards

There are many benefits that make black melamine boards a great choice over similar options:

Durable and Scratch Resistant Surface

The melamine resin coating creates an extremely hard, durable writing surface. It is highly scratch and stain resistant compared to more porous materials. This allows the boards to retain their erasability even with regular heavy use.

Easy to Write On and Erase

Quality melamine boards provide a smooth surface that most dry erase markers can write on effortlessly. The ink erases easily without ghosting or staining when wiped with a dry erase cleaner.

Economical Compared to Glass

Glass dry erase boards are significantly more expensive than melamine. Melamine can provide a very similar writable surface at a fraction of the cost, making it ideal for classrooms and offices on a budget.

Lightweight and Easy to Mount

Melamine boards tend to weigh less than glass, especially frameless melamine. This makes the boards easy to mount on walls with just a couple screws. Heavier glass boards often require more mounting hardware.

Variety of Frame and Size Options

Melamine boards can be purchased with different frame materials and colors. They are available in a huge range of dimensions to fit any space. You can find a melamine board sized and configured exactly for your needs.

H2: Disadvantages of Black Melamine Writing Boards

While they offer many benefits, there are a few potential downsides to consider with melamine writing boards:

Susceptible to Stains Over Time

Melamine can become permanently stained if low quality markers are used. Harsh cleaners can also damage the surface leading to stains. Proper care is required to prevent this.

Not as "High-End" Looking as Glass

The plastic melamine surface lacks the upscale aesthetic that makes glass boards desirable for executive conference rooms and offices. Melamine looks more utilitarian and industrial.

Writing Can Scar if Not Erased Properly

Letting dry erase ink sit on the surface for too long can lead to staining and scarring. The boards need to be erased frequently to prevent this. Ghosting may still occur with cheaper boards.

Incompatible With Some Dry Erase Markers

The writing experience will suffer if low quality markers are used. Only high quality, low odor dry erase markers should be used to prevent staining.

H2: What to Look for When Buying a Black Melamine Writing Board

There are several factors to evaluate when choosing a melamine writing board:

Frame Material

Consider aluminum frames for a contemporary look or wooden frames for a classic aesthetic. Plastic frames offer durability at a lower cost.

Flatness of Writing Surface

A perfectly flat surface is important for writing clarity. Avoid boards with any waves or bubbles under the melamine.

Ease of Hanging/Mounting

Look for boards with pre-drilled holes or hanging hardware included. This makes installation simpler.


Melamine boards range from $50 on the low end to over $200 for premium, large boards. Set a budget before purchasing.

Manufacturer Reputation

Established brands like Quartet, Claridge, and Best-Rite are known for making quality boards that live up to their claims.

H2: How to Care for and Maintain a Black Melamine Writing Board

Proper care and cleaning are essential for keeping a melamine writing board looking like new. Here are some tips:

Use Low Odor Dry Erase Markers

Smelly markers contain solvents that can eat into the melamine and stain the surface. Use low odor markers specifically designed for dry erase boards.

Clean the Surface Frequently

Don't allow ink marks to sit for long periods. Wipe down the board with a dry erase cleaner like Expo White Board Care spray on a regular basis.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Abrasives

Cleaners with chemicals like acetone or abrasive wipe can damage the melamine. Use only dedicated dry erase cleaners and soft cloths.

Store Markers Properly When Not in Use

Keep caps securely fastened on markers. Store markers flat on their sides to prevent liquid from pooling in the tip. Never store markers tip down.

H2: Top Black Melamine Writing Board Brands

If you want quality, look for boards from these top manufacturers:


One of the most recognized names in dry erase boards and a leader in melamine boards. Offers a wide selection with innovative features like printed grids. Known for durability.

Clever Clogs

A newer brand that has made a name with low-cost melamine boards in standard and custom sizes. Provides good bang for the buck.


A commercial board manufacturer with options geared towards education and corporate use. Sturdy aluminum frames and high-end melamine panels.


Focuses on frameless melamine boards in unique shapes like circles, waves, and curves beyond just rectangles. Also offer porcelains and glass.


Major education supplier with dry erase boards designed specifically for classroom use. Budget-friendly and come in classroom packs.

H2: Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about melamine writing boards? Here are answers to the most common inquiries:

Can you use permanent marker on melamine?

No, permanent marker will stain the surface and be very difficult or impossible to remove. Always use dry erase markers formulated for non-porous boards.

Do melamine boards stain easily?

Quality melamine is resistant to staining but cheap boards and certain markers can still stain the surface, especially if ink is left for long periods. Frequent erasing prevents stains.

Are melamine boards magnetic?

Some melamine boards have an integrated steel backing, making them magnetic. Non-magnetic boards can have magnets added with magnetic tape or paint.

How thick should a melamine board be?

1/8 inch thickness is fine for smaller boards under 4ft in length while larger boards should be 1/4 inch for added rigidity. Framed boards can get away with slightly thinner melamine.

H2: Conclusion and Final Recommendations

Black melamine writing boards provide the ideal combination of convenience, affordability, and durability for office, classroom, and home use. When shopping, look for quality low-odor dry erase markers, reputable melamine brands, and boards with sturdy frames. Proper regularly cleaning is essential for keeping the surface looking new. With the right care, a good melamine writing board should serve for many years while retaining excellent writability. Carefully consider the space you need to fill, features like magnetic backing, and budget when selecting the perfect melamine writing board.

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